About us

We put this website together as a team of thirteen postgraduate students completing the Digital Journalism course at the University of Strathclyde. Everyone on the team has diverse interests and expertise that was used in the creation of Constructive News Scotland. As a team, we chose to build a website that focuses on constructive journalism because we want to inform our readers and allow them to form their own opinions on the state of our world. We are not here to shock or sensationalise the news, just report what we find. We hope you enjoy our site!


Catherine Sheridan


A piano playing, peanut butter loving, modern languages enthusiast, with an adoration of all things French and the four-legged, tail wagging, canine variety. A people’s person who strives to make voices heard.

Ewan Mowat

Sarcastic Glaswegian with a passion for sports and a repertoire of obscure movie quotes. Long-suffering Partick Thistle fan, lover of puns, and unashamed showman.


Martha Awinoh

Award-winning PR Digital Strategist and Marketing consultant from Kenya. Experienced with projects focused on corporate strategy, innovation and online branding. Enjoy hiking, reading books on leadership and mentoring young people

Web Editors

Natalie Bello

Creative. Optimistic. Netflix Binge-Watcher. Music Buff. I’m passionate about great design and telling stories. An American abroad and loving every minute of it.

Callum Macdonald

Callum is a skilled video editor and mostly likes to write about TV and Gaming. He is an editor with Alzheimer Scotland and works as a Non-Executive Director with the Arkbound Foundation – a charity that helps underprivileged writers get their works published.

Ping Wang

A native from the north of China. Bachelors in Radio and Television. I’m interested in photography and documentary filmmaking on urbanisation in my home country.

Ping also assists with the website and article upload for our publication.

Michaela Barton

Film enthusiast. Fan of ugly dad jumpers. Intersectional feminist. Drag fan. Loves writing sarcastic satire. Animal lover (except pandas – they are the worst. Don’t fight me on this).

Michaela is also part of the promotions team.

Euan Strathearn

Sports fanatic who has worked on various platforms for multiple Scottish media organisations. Enjoys travelling, eating out, and attempting to be cultured.

Youlan Wang

I was the advertising video maker at FIVB Beach Volleyball world tour FUZHOU Open Tournament. I am passionate about calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, reviewing films, photography, travelling, and singing.


Marisa Docherty

Vintage lover and ultimate bargain hunter with a penchant for coloured faux-fur coats and winged eyeliner. Just a fashionable feminist, aiming to support Scottish creatives in the fashion industry.

Laura Canning

Online blogger, passionate about animal welfare, particularly orca whales and sharing personal travelling experiences. Dreams of becoming an investigative journalist and keen to voice her perceptions of the social world. 

Waleed Alshalhoub

Has over 15 years experience in the media industries. Keen documentary maker on subjects such as scientific discovery and my home country, Saudi Arabia. I have an interest in all forms of art.