Could a Life Coach Be the Answer for Graduating Students?

Could a Life Coach Be the Answer for Graduating Students?

For some students, it is about that time for eagerly awaiting exam results with graduation possibly just around the corner. Some will know the career they wish to go into and some may even have a job lined up, but for others they may have earned the title they sought but do not know where to go next. Perhaps a life coach could be the answer?

Every year over 100000 Britons seek the services of a life coach and it more popular now than it has ever been. In 2017, statistics showed 17,000 active life coaches practising across the world. Not only students but those who are; wishing to gain confidence, vying for a promotion at work, looking to make positive changes in health and wellbeing or wanting to simply improve different aspects of oneself, life coaching could help make that happen.

Before I met with Sue MacGillvray, Life Coach at Life Coaching Solutions, my perception of life coaches was of someone who would look to instill positivity through words of wisdom. I wasn’t sure how much different this would be to the services of that of a careers advisor, at least if you were seeing a life coach for any kind of career development.

Statistics show that most clients who use life coaching are healthy and successful people who want some help in setting goals and achieving those, although finding the right life coach for you could be key.

MacGillivray also gave her thoughts on how she thinks life coaching can be beneficial for students. She said: “I have worked with many students all the way from high school up to the point of sitting their final exams and beyond graduation. The areas that can be useful for students may be finding confidence in making new friends and being sociable in a new environment, being organised for deadlines of timeframes and also the stresses of exam pressure.

“It really depends what is relevant for them and what they want to work on. Even when a student has graduated there can come the question of what’s next? Whether that is someone who has a defined career path, perhaps in medicine and choosing which field to specialise in or even just the idea of where to go with the degree that has been earned.”

While most universities offer a careers service for students while studying and even for years after campus life, MacGillivray elaborated why this is hugely different to life coaching. She said: “I do not claim to be a career advisor and I do not have information in terms of job prospects or market research into the availability of opportunities. The main difference that Life Coaching offers is that it will look at the whole of you, and will take a more holistic approach, looking at passions, activities and interests and what type of person you are, as opposed to simply looking at what degree and qualifications you hold.”

Katie Jane Liddell, a former student who used the services of a Life Coach after graduating said: “I initially went to see a Life Coach after being recommended by a colleague and I was skeptical at first. I was under a lot of stress with university life, living in my own place and felt that juggling work and a relationship at the time left it difficult to stay organised. I always felt that deadlines and life commitments were extremely difficult to stay on top of. I had an induction with Anna, my life coach, and immediately felt at ease. It sounds cliché, but I had this notion even after just the first meeting that the problems I had didn’t really seem all that bad in the bigger picture and was able to think positively about everything now in the process of being resolved.

“I went back for another 3 meetings after that and gradually figured out ways that worked for me to keep everything under my control, such as keeping a list of tasks on my mobile phone, ordering these by priority and keeping reminders for everything, both for my studies and also social events. I also accepted the fact that it is fine to say no to someone if I had other priorities that took precedence. The most important thing which I done sounds simple, but I never really scheduled breaks for myself, not often anyway and so throughout even the busiest of days. I still do that to this day as I am now a teacher and it helps me to stay in a positive mindset and remain focused.”

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