Pugs Run Wild at Cafe Event in Glasgow

Pugs Run Wild at Cafe Event in Glasgow

A pop-up café launched on Sunday in Glasgow City Centre for owners and lovers of all things pug.

The event, held at Pie and Brew at Abode Hotel in Bath Street, sold out fast and the lucky pugs who attended were treated to a day of goodies. On the doggy menu were ‘puggucinos’, ‘pugcakes’ and plenty of other dog-friendly treats.

Organiser Anushka Fernando said: “it has been an amazing day and really busy. Everyone’s been really happy, and the pugs have been having a great time.

“The pug base in Scotland is incredibly popular and we had waiting lists with hundreds of people on it. Overall the response has been phenomenal, so we will definitely come back.”

Anushka with Chewie. Photo Credit: Callum Macdonald

The fun event is not the same as the cat cafés that have opened around Scotland. This is an opportunity for pugs to meet new friends and to have a run around. It also helps owners meet other lovers of pugs.

Karen And John, owners of pugs Serge and Bella, said: “we would definitely come back again if there was another event. It has been really good fun and the dogs love it. It’s so good to see them all running about, especially Serge as he has been eating all the treats that have been left by other pugs.”

Karen and John with Bella and Serge. Photo Credit: Callum Macdonald

Alana, who brought along Minnie, said: “they are very sociable little dogs so an event like this is perfect for them to be in the company of so many other pugs and to see them spoiled with little treats. It’s nice to see so many kids coming along to play as well.”

Alana with Minnie. Photo Credit: Callum Macdonald

The event has been a success at other venues such as Manchester, Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Brighton. The Pug café organisers have also opened a pop-up Dachshund café, which took place in Nottingham last month.

If you’re interested in any of the future events, please visit their page here.

If you attended on Sunday, please leave a comment about how you or your pet found the event.

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