Students Transform Braehead Arena into a World of Wonder

Students Transform Braehead Arena into a World of Wonder

More than 30 make-up artistry students showcased their incredible artistic talents in Glasgow last week.

Students from West College Scotland display their work during the HND make up exhibition at the Braehead arena in front of a range of visitors including friends, family and industry professionals.

With varying techniques from enchanting body painting to gruesome battle wounds, each student was given the opportunity to present their artistry and showcase the skills they have learned in this year-long process of preparation.

The West College Scotland HND 2018 exhibition was an emporium of creative talent, with students transporting visitors to different dimensions, from a dystopian future governed by apes, to enchanted forests populated by mythical creatures.

Photo Credit: Marisa Docherty

Creature creations were apparent throughout the exhibition, as Clydebank student Karagh Meehan demonstrated with her horned forest queen, Demona Blackwood.

Discussing the development and characterisation of her look, Meehan said: “I knew I wanted to make ram horns, then I just came up with the story of Demona Blackwood, queen of a forest uprising and who has been chased out by humans”.

Other students such as Clayre Byrne, also from Clydebank, were inspired by a mix of the human senses and religion. Her model was deep in character, staring with one eye and deep bloody bite marks covering her arms whilst laying on a dark make-shift alter.

Speaking of her artistry, Byrne said: “The make-up is centred around the character going insane, biting himself and removing his eyesight to communicate with God”.

Whilst many of the students focused heavily on special effects and use of prosthetics, one student stood out from the rest with her adaptation of one of Hollywood’s most glamourous actresses, Marilyn Monroe. Hollie McKenzie, 25 from Barrhead, recreated Monroe’s iconic look from the 1953 cinematic classic, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Discussing her representation of the blonde bombshell, McKenzie said: “Marilyn Monroe was my icon. She’s the one who got me into make-up in the first place, and recreating this look was really full-circle for me. I just hope I’ve done her justice!”

Speaking of why she chose this particular look to exhibit for the day, McKenzie said: “Period make-up is where my strengths lie. I knew most people would choose to do special effects and period make-up is a good way to stand out and show off your wig work”.

For one night only, the Braehead curling arena was transformed into heaven, hell and every universe in between, unveiling the future professionals of Scotland’s make-up industry.

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