Glasgow Goes Big for the 150th Anniversary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Glasgow Goes Big for the 150th Anniversary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh

An exhibition is being held in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery until 14 August 2018 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s birth.

Photo Credit: Ping Wang

The exhibition Making the Glasgow Style showcases the life and work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and provides an opportunity to re-examine his influence on the city.

The exhibition will display around 250 pieces from his collection and includes stained glass, ceramics, mosaic, metalwork, furniture, stencilling, embroidery, graphics, books, interiors and architecture.

Many of the exhibits have not been shown in Glasgow for decades.

The Argyle Street Tea Rooms                 Photo Credit: Ping Wang

Assistant curator from Glasgow Museums Hannah Willetts said: “This exhibition is not only going to showcase Mackintosh’s best work, it’s actually trying to put him back into context in the social circles and environment he would have been working in. ”

“The Glasgow style was really born out of the Glasgow School of Art where a lot of things were happening at the time, and the new styles, processes, materials and experimentation made for a really exciting time.

“Through this exhibition, being able to appreciate Mackintosh’s work in that context and seeing the kind of things that would have maybe inspired him at the time has been a great experience for everybody involved.”

Joan Craig lives in Glasgow and describes her second visit to the Mackintosh exhibition.

The exhibition highlights that the Glasgow style emerged as the only art nouveau movement in the UK.

Sections of the exhibition also feature work from Macintosh’s wife, Margaret Macdonald, Margaret’s younger sister Frances Macdonald, and Frances’s future husband, James Herbert McNair.

The Ladies’ Luncheon Room                Photo Credit: Ping Wang

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is regarded as one of the most creative figures of the 20th century. Much of the Making the Glasgow Style exhibition shows how his art and design has shaped the identity of Glasgow for over 100 years.

Willetts added: “After the Glasgow exhibition closes in August, the Mackintosh festival will begin in October and will run throughout the city of Glasgow. The exhibition will move to Liverpool from 15 March to 26 August in 2019. There will also be an exhibition held in America from 2019-2021.”

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