Road Accident Casualties in Scotland Lowest in 66 years

Road Accident Casualties in Scotland Lowest in 66 years

The number of reported casualties from road traffic accidents in Scotland is down to its lowest figure since 1950, according to Transport Scotland.

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The report shows that in 2016, 10,881 people were injured in Scottish road accidents – a dramatic drop from the 15,856 casualties in 1950. These latest figures show nearly a 300% decrease from the country’s highest ever figures, recorded in 1965, of 31,827 people.

The number of pedestrians killed also fell to 32 people in 2016, down from 44 people in 2015, which was the lowest reported figure in 22 years.

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Transport Scotland said, “The Scottish Government and road safety partners are committed to the outcome of safer road travel in Scotland for everyone”. They have put together the framework for this on their website which describes the road safety vision for Scotland, aims and commitments, and the Scottish targets for reductions in road deaths and serious injuries for 2020.

The research also showed that pedestrian injuries on built-up and non-built-up roads stood at 1600 people and 63 people respectively. There were also 477 child casualties on built-up roads, while there were only two children injured on non-built up roads.

The records were shown separately by gender from 2004, and since then there has consistently been more males than females injured, this also corresponds to fatalities.

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The report has also revealed that the number of children under the age of 16, involved in road accidents, increased by 4% over the last year to 1011.

However, the number of people over 70 years old, injured in road accidents, decreased to 826. This is the lowest figure to date for this age group and shows a reduction since last year from 845 people.

Road safety charity Brake Scotland said, “Today’s statistics show that, while progress is being made toward some of the 2020 Scottish Road Safety Framework targets, there is far more work to be done.

“We must strive for a vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

“We urge the Scottish Government to implement a default 20mph limit in built-up areas, accompanied by additional speed enforcement on roads by the police.

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