Glasgow Film Festival’s Gift For Film Fans

Glasgow Film Festival’s Gift For Film Fans

The 2018 Glasgow Film Festival (GFF18) will showcase more than 180 films, and will premiere 142 films – 13 of which will be world and European premieres. This should be the intro as it’s the new information that you offer. You should not start a story w/ old information about 13 years ago, that’s background for later in the story.

GFF was launched in 2005 and is one of the biggest film festivals in Scotland. The number of submissions has risen sharply from 6,000 in 2005 to  40,000 in 2017. GFF has become a highly anticipated film event and now attracts thousands of attendees each year.

The festival provides opportunities for both filmmakers and audiences to connect, which is at the heart of the film event.

Allan Hunter,  GFF’s  co-director, said to the BBC: “The 2018 Glasgow Film Festival promises the perfect movie mix and we’ve taken that to heart.”

“There truly is something for everyone from the casual cinemagoer to the dedicated cinephile.”

On 21 February, the GFF18 officially began, with the first VIP guest: Ambassadog George (pictured  below) on the red carpet. George’s participation is meant to increase people’s interest about the UK premiere screening of Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs. The festival is running  from 21 February to 4 March.


Ambassadog George                            Photo Credit: Ping Wang
Jeremy Dawson, the producer of Isle of Dogs, also join to celebrate opening GFF18.  Photo Credit: Ping Wang

Not Only Movies

The GFF18 has prepared several events for film fans who are interested in the inner workings of the film industry. Events are called Behind The Scenes and include classes revealing the background story of films, such as make up and sound effects. Whether you are a filmmaker veteran or just a film fan, there are various  events to enjoy, including panel talks, discussions and masterclasses for the audience.

Film fans who are able to make the masterclass with the foley artist (the artist of creating sound effects in movies) behind Paddington, Peter Burgis, and prosthetics artist Stuart Bray will have an illuminating hour. In addition, the famous composer Matt Dunkley will be dissecting his portfolio in the talk Anatomy of a Soundtrack.

The GFF also includes an industry happy hour which will give film fans an opportunity to meet with different industry delegates and other film festival guests

Link to International

One reason for GFF’s popularity is the strong international flavour of the event.

Tomeo Ishida,  a papercutting artist from Japan, has visited Glasgow several times and held exhibitions here.

“I really enjoyed it. There were many films that not screening in Japan,” she said.

Photo Credit: Tomeo Ishida

This papercutting (pictured above) is one of Ishida’s pieces in Love Letter To Glasgow, which is shown in the Glasgow Film Theater (GFT).

David McDonald, chairman of Glasgow Life, told the BBC : “It goes without saying that Glasgow Film Festival has become a much loved and highly anticipated part of Glasgow’s annual cultural programme.

“Its inventive programming continues to impress year after year, attracting audiences from across the UK and further afield to the city.”

Alankrita Shivastava is an independent Indian filmmaker, her movie Lipstick Under My Burkha was banned in India, but  was shown at the GFF and won the audience award in 2017.

She told The National: “I felt so encouraged, and I felt so hopeful. I felt like the people of Glasgow were giving me the strength and courage to soldier on,”

“I am determined to win this battle. And I keep going back to the thought that there are all these Scottish people who are rooting for the film to win through this. My gratitude for that support is hard to express in words. The Glasgow Film Festival will be etched in my memory forever.”


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