Daytime Disco Aims To Boost Social Life Of Senior Citizens

Daytime disco aims to boost social life of senior citizens

Daytime Disco Celebrating Chinese New Year on February 19th 2018

Thanks to everyone who came to the Daytime Disco on Monday at The Sanctuary Glasgow to help us celebrate Chinese New Year. Wishing you all prosperity and happiness in the Year of the Dog!Tomorrow we are celebrating the Indian spring festival of Holi with a splash of colour and a Bollywood track or two! Come along or share this post with someone you'd think would enjoy the disco. See you on the dance floor!

Posted by Weekday Wow Factor on Sunday, 25 February 2018

Have you ever heard of a nightclub that opens at 11:30am and serves not alcohol but tea, coffee and sandwiches?

Sanctuary nightclub, in Glasgow’s west-end, has launched a daytime disco for pensioners in a bid to help tackle loneliness.

Included in the reasonable entry-fee (£4, or £5 with a carer) are hot drinks, fruit and Marks & Spencer’s sandwiches.

And people suffering from dementia are also encouraged to attend the event, run by Weekday Wow Factory every Monday afternoon.

Photo Credit: Weekday Wow Factor-Four dancers relaxing between tracks.

The music is loud, the dance moves are impressive, and the disco lights are colourful, but most importantly – everyone is having fun.

The disco is the brainchild of occupational therapist, Pasna Sallis, who came up with the idea as she felt there was a lack of opportunities for over 65s to improve their health and well-being.

She founded Weekday Wow Factor to provide a platform for older people to enjoy the kind of fun activities normally reserved for teenagers.

In addition to the disco, she also organises other adventurous activities such as go-karting, zip-lining and water sports for her clientele.

Pasna said, “I noticed a gap in the market after having worked for the NHS for 20 years. There wasn’t many fun and adventurous activities for those over 65.”

Photo Credit: Weekday Wow Factor

According to Age Scotland, Loneliness and isolation is a problem for around 100,000 older people living in Scotland today,

She added: “Many of our regulars say how much they have enjoyed being able to come along and socialise in such a relaxed setting where they can dance away to music, new and old.

“They’ve told me that the disco has helped to improve their social life but what’s equally as important is that they’re getting fitter by staying physically active.

“They also get a real kick out of going to the same nightclub that their grandchildren have been in the weekend before.

“These activities I organise are popular in society. Why would older people be any different to younger folk? They want to enjoy themselves and have fun.”

“Many of our regulars say how much they have enjoyed being able to come along and socialise in such a relaxed setting where they can dance away to music, new and old.”-Pasna Sallis


Current government guidelines recommend that older people aged 65 or over, do two and a half hours of moderate aerobic exercise a week and Weekday Wow Factor goes some way to contributing to that.

Certainly, some of the daytime disco regulars are getting their weekly dose.

Retired serviceman David Whyte, 79, attends every week and says the Weekday Wow Factor events have been great for him.

He said: “I live on my own, my wife passed a number of years ago, so I come here for some dancing and a bit of fun.

“It’s great getting people out and about especially older people when they’re disabled it does them a wee turn, it boosts them up.

“Some people come here with dementia and they can sing every word to the songs. The music seems to bring something out in them.

Photo Credit: Weekday Wow Factor-One disco-goer hits the dance floor

“I’ve done a lot of things, I’ve walked the great wall of China, I’ve climbed a couple of Munros, I’ve abseiled off the Finnieston crane, I’ve done Go Ape three times and I’m hoping to do a skydive next year. I think I’m still a boy.”

And fellow regular Irene Webster says, “in here is great on a Monday, its good for the soul, it makes you feel good and makes you feel a lot younger.”

The idea, which could be one of the first of its kind, is certainly having an impact across the city as each month the events become more popular and the events attract more attention.

Photo Credit: Weekday Wow Factor-Participants enjoy trampolining 

Robert Smith of Active Seniors said, “Weekday Wow Factor is providing older people with choices they never had before. It’s giving them options to go out and meet people and do things they wouldn’t have considered possible.”

And it is not just amongst the elderly that the disco and its clubbers are achieving recognition. Chris Devine, the 23-year-old manager of Sanctuary nightclub, said that some of the Weekday Wow Factor’s Monday afternoon regulars would put his younger Saturday night crowd to shame.

Chris Devine, manager of Sanctuary nightclub said, “The disco welcomes people of all backgrounds and abilities. Hats off to those who take four buses or two trains and an underground every Monday morning to see our tired faces. They’ve got better moves than our weekend clubbers.”

Photo Credit: Weekday Wow Factor

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